The world of marketing is dynamic and ever changing. New ways of interacting with clients are always emerging, while some of the old ones are becoming a thing of the past. What marketing techniques are losing their edge this year? Let’s figure it out.

Luxury life

Displaying an idealised golden lifestyle is a widespread trend on social media, especially on Instagram. This has also influenced SMS marketing, despite its lack of visualsein. In their messages, marketers promise a rich and luxurious life if the client responds by buying their product or service.

However, there is a problem; people are tired of aesthetics and artificiality. Now sincerity and naturalness are the main trends, rapidly gaining momentum. Kitchen table simplicity and down-to-earth everyday imagery are more appreciated today.

Warming up the audience

As a tool and as a part of the sales funnel, warming up isn’t so bad. However, it is increasingly misused. Primitive warm-ups with fictitious success stories haven’t caught on for a long time. Especially when they are accompanied by tight deadlines for purchasing the product or service that will lead you to a better life.

A more balanced, honest position, backed up by expertise, won’t destroy sales, but rather strengthen your reputation and will be in line with the new trend for simplicity and sincerity.


You need to set deadlines, at least so that your customers know the timing of promotions and discounts. Here we’re talking more about fictitious deadlines that supposedly should make clients buy a product or service faster, for example, “discount only for the first 10 people who sign up in the first hour.”

Such artificial attempts to create hype haven’t attracted clients for a long time. Rather, they skip such advertising, which may seem shrill or desperate..

No need for intrigue

Intrigue is a whole art, which not everyone can master. As a marketing tool, it can play tricks on you if you don’t know how to use it. Of course, it helps to catch the attention of the client and keep it, while preparing them for the purchase, and it is also good for use in drip SMS marketing. However, this tool should be treated with caution, otherwise it may lead to disappointment and lose you clients.

You shouldn’t promise your customers a huge promotion they haven’t seen before, and then give them a 2% discount on a product they’re not even interested in. If you don’t know how to create intrigue and how to carry it through, then it’s better to abandon this marketing tool altogether.

Perhaps you are still using these marketing techniques in your campaigns and they are working successfully, attracting more clients and increasing your profits. However, don’t rely on them alone. Grow and look for new ways to interact with your customers.