We often say that SMS is one of the most effective marketing tools. Let’s re-examine this question, and also have a look at some areas where SMS is less effective.

The Strengths of SMS marketing

SMS mail-outs have many great features which often make them the best choice for marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. SMS is cheap. Although it varies from country to country and from operator to operator, the cost of one text message is really very low, which allows you to save huge amounts of money on your advertising campaigns. You can see this for yourself by having a look at the prices on our website.
  2. SMS is fast. We have already said more than once that in most cases, SMS messages are read in the first few seconds after they are received by subscribers.
  3. SMS are short. This means that clients receive only the information they need.
  4. SMS is available to everyone. Even if a subscriber only has a basic mobile phone and lacks Internet access, they will still receive SMS.

The Weaknesses of SMS marketing

Still, some aspects SMS marketing mean it is not suitable for all purposes:

  1. SMS are short. Yes, this can sometimes be a weakness, which is why this point appears on both lists. Due to the limited number of characters, you can’t include all the information that clients may need. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary to add links to websites to your messages. Some subscribers may not be able to open these.
  2. SMS is just text. Unfortunately, you can’t include visual materials such as photos and videos in your SMS mail-out. This means you can’t make use of them to present your products to clients or simply attract their attention. To direct clients towards such visual stimuli, you have to include links to the website.

Of course, SMS marketing has many more advantages that we haven’t set out here, and there are also other areas that may be weaknesses, but these, in our opinion, are the most important.

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