Psychology is the science of behavior and the mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as thought. Marketers have been using it to attract more customers for a long time. But how can you apply psychology in SMS marketing? Let’s figure it out.

Play Contrast

According to the principle of contrast, the greater the difference between two numbers, the more people tend to exaggerate this difference. For example, if one thing cost $100, and now it costs $97, this difference seems rather small. If we compare 100 and 73 – this difference is more significant; while 100 and 65 is even more striking.

How can this be used in SMS mail-outs? You can offer one service or good in contrast to another:

“Spring discounts. The Full Works: massage + chocolate wrap + face mask for only $120. Only a chocolate wrap – $25 “

Most people, of course, choose the cheaper service offered in the SMS mail-out. In fact, you offer the same discount on your product or service as usual, but contrasting it with a more expensive offer makes it seem more attractive.


Another feature is the magic word “because”. People need an explanation, although it often doesn’t matter what it is. This is a natural human need. Once they read “because”, then they see there is an explanation, and therefore, your clients can act.


“This spring there is a 10% discount for all air tickets. You deserve a royal vacation! ”


“This spring there is a 10% discount for all air tickets, because you deserve a royal vacation!”

The second option can attract much more attention from your customers. If you doubt this,try to send one group of customers the first option, and the other – the second option. You will see the result.


The simplest principle is mutual exchange. Simply put, give your customer some kind of service or make a small gift in exchange for their custom. Believe us,this is an extremely effective method that works in the long term, helping you to acquire loyal regular customers. It is important that clients shouldn’t feel tricked.

“We are giving you 100 bonus points for purchases in March”

These are just a few examples of the applications of psychology in SMS marketing. Look for your own ways, apply them and make your SMS mail-outs more successful. You can organize them with Intis Telecom’s plugin, SMS4Office.