The St. Petersburg State University team has won the Student World Championship for programming (ACM ICPC). It is already the 4th time that students from this university have taken the gold medal and the 10th victory by Russian programmers.

128 teams of student programmers from the best universities in the world attended the final stage of the competition. There were 3 people in each team. Only degree students under 24 and 1st year post-graduate students were allowed to participate.

Each team had one computer and was given only five hours to solve 13 tasks. All solutions had to be written in a programming languages, such as C, C++ or Java, and send to the testing server.

Four teams were very strong, but the quickest of them were Stanislav Ershov, Aleksey Gordeev and Igor Pyshkin from St. Petersburg State University. By the way, five of the top ten teams were Russian, an absolute record!

So these guys definitely made our work week – we are very proud of our country! Therefore, on this occasion, we are announcing the quotation of the day: “The most essential thing for victory is to know which task you should solve first” (Andrey Lopatkin, coach of the ICPC champions).