SMS bulk sending software

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. 99% of SMS notifications, unlike those from messengers, usually get read. Therefore, it makes sense to advertise your brand, look for new customers, and notify existing ones about new products or promotions via SMS marketing. Text messages are also effective for pinging customers about the delivery of products they have ordered and their current status because, almost always, text messages are checked. Today bulk SMS messaging is a fully-fledged marketing tool. Intis Telecom offers its unique software for bulk SMS sending. Let’s see how it could help your business.

The advantages of the SMS sending programme

Bulk messaging can be much more effective than e-mailing. It has a number of advantages:

  • Intis Telecom’s SMS sending programme has ready-made message templates that can help you to save time at the very beginning of your campaign. You can set a specific time for send-outs – let’s say, during working hours when people are more receptive to your messages;
  • Our software allows you to notify prospective customers worldwide via SMS;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Instant notifications; recipients can read your message at the top of the smartphone screen as soon as it arrives.

There is another important point: you, as a user of our service, pay only for bulk SMS sending by replenishing your account at your profile. You can also use our software (to create recipient lists, templates, and other advanced stuff) for free, without sending any text messages.

How to use the Intis Telecom service correctly

Our software is designed for speedy advertising to subscribers from your list. This list can easily be edited to add new numbers, remove old ones, create groups amongst other options. To help you make a successful start to your advertising campaign, here are some tips on how to use the software efficiently:

  • Always fill in the “Sender” field (alpha name) – people do not like anonymous messages, and this can help to make your brand more recognisable;
  • The text of the SMS should be as short and concise as possible – no one will take the time to decipher a long text
  • Try not to use CAPITALS – it makes the text inconvenient to read;
  • Messages should contain a way to contact your company – a phone number or a link to your site (this is for feedback);
  • Personalise your message – use everything you know about the recipient (name, interests, age, etc.);
  • Automate the process as this will save you time – the Intis Telecom service provides you with the chance to do this.

We hope these tips will help you use software for bulk SMS sending more efficiently. You can register a personal account on our website, top it up – and that’s it! Next, you can start sending instant text messages. The low price of our service will be a pleasant surprise for you.