SMS isn’t just effective for cafes and spa business. It can also be really useful during live events. Just imagine being able to inform people on the ground about changes immediately. Do you want to do this? Then we will tell you how.

Using SMS at live events is a great way to send promotions, run contests, keep patrons up-to-date with everything that is happening at your event, and of course to get feedback. Almost all people at these events have mobile phones, but not all of them have an Internet connection. So if any changes are made during the event, information posted about them on your web-site may not be accessible to everyone. To make sure everyone gets the message, you can send SMS.  

Moreover, you can engage in one-on-one chats with the people at your live event; see what is working, or what isn’t, answer questions, solve problems, and give details. You can do all of this with Intis Telecom’s 2ways solution for SMS. With 2ways, you can configure auto-responses using various settings. This feature increases your involvement in the mail-out process.  

But how can you get a database of phone numbers? It’s easy. Here are a few very simple options:

  1. You can ask for phone numbers when people buy tickets.  
  2. People can leave their numbers by registering on your web-site or on social networking sites.
  3. You can put the short number on banners at your event. To start an SMS mail-out, people need to send an SMS on this number.

Of course you can do it your own way. These are only our suggestions.

Let’s recap how you can use SMS; you can receive immediate SMS feedback from guests, respond in real-time to questions, send announcements or schedule changes, do giveaways and announce winners live. Using SMS mail-outs during your live event is a good way to make it more interesting and successful. Don’t be afraid to bring something new to a development.