There are few things in life which people pay for and are happy never to have to use. Insurance is one of them.

If you provide any type of insurance, it is a good move to keep in touch with your customers now and again to let them know you have their back. Not just at renewal time.

If you provide health insurance, why not send people tips on exercise and good nutrition? If pet insurance, share some fun facts about the type of animal covered under the insurance.

Keep content interesting and from the timing perspective not too frequent. Don’t annoy customers. You want to build a feeling in your customers that your brand genuinely cares. This is relationship building, something which drives real brand loyalty. And one final tip: come renewal time, we strongly recommend you don’t just offer the best deals to new customers. Reward loyal customers.

SMS text messaging is something everybody understands and is familiar with. 95%+ of SMS are opened, the majority within 5 minutes or less of receiving them. It drives great customer engagement and delivers fantastic ROI.

Intis Telecom are business SMS experts and we can help you with a solution that ensures your content is delivered rapidly and accurately wherever your clients may be.