Bulk SMS for business

If you are looking for a convenient way for your business to communicate with customers and those who use your services, it is worth considering bulk SMS. The Intis Telecom gateway can automate the dispatch of large volumes of SMS. Using our service, you can notify mobile subscribers about whatever you need to. No matter what your business is, what matters is getting your message out!

What are the benefits of sending SMS?

Here is a recent example that demonstrates the effectiveness of this method. An electronics vendor ran a bulk SMS campaign. They used their own database of customers numbers, and doubled their sales. As the manager of this company said, they had managed to achieve a conversion rate of 1.5% after sending out 10,000 texts.

Very similar results were achieved by a pharmacy chain that decided to switch from giving out leaflets to an SMS advertising campaign. The geolocation and the target audience (30 years old and over) were determined in advance, and people received text messages with information about discounts. After a year of testing, which included targeting optimization, it was calculated that the conversion for the texting campaign had been 1.5%-2%.

Intis Telecom provides automation for SMS campaigns

This SMS gateway service protects your data through your personal account and API as you linki clients’ key actions to their mobile phone numbers. This means text messages are automatically sent to their devices via Intis Telecom’s SMS campaign provider.

But is it really possible to set up automated texting via our software? Yes, because we use several synchronised servers at once, so if there is a problem with one of them, another one automatically turns on instead. This means software or server updates cannot affect the schedule and speed of your mailing. This decentralised model using multiple servers ensures that downtime for server maintenance also does not interrupt the functioning of the platform – you can safely plan your campaign as nothing will interfere with it.

Why you should use Intis Telecom’s SMS service

Our SMS gateway allows you to run your automated advertising campaigns quickly and cheaply:

  • SMS dispatch to almost any country;
  • Low prices (discounts for long-term clients );
  • Instant delivery;
  • No fee for using the service, the fee is only for sending texts;
  • Secure communication channels;
  • Ready-made templates for creating SMS;
  • 99% of Intis Telecom users have given positive feedback;
  • User-friendly interface.

You can add phone numbers to your mailing list and delete them as well as creating groups. Automate your distribution using the Intis Telecom SMS gateway – save your time and money, using only quality providers for text messaging.