Everybody knows that there is an effective form of advertisement with minimal costs, and this is SMS mail-outs.

The SMS mail-out is a universal tool that has ample opportunities for application in the dental sector. It can be used in different ways.Let’s look at some of them:

Reminders about medical appointments

Sometimes patients forget their appointments and don’t come to see the dentist. This means the clinic loses its income, and the dentists waste their time. You can greatly reduce the number of no shows by simply sending your patients text messages with appointment reminders.

Changes to opening hours

During special occasions, such as holidays, opening hours usually differ slightly from the schedule on normal working days. You can simply send SMS mail-outs to your customers with information about these changes. This can demonstrate your care and attention to them.

Special offers and promotions

If you are holding a special offer, it is important to make sure that all your patients know about it. It’s easy to do this by sending text messages to the contacts on your database to inform your subscribers about your special offer.

Dental check-up reminders

It is very important to monitor your health, so every six months you should contact your dentist for a check-up. Not all patients remember to do this, so sending automatic SMS messages can remind them that they need to be checked.

You can easily create any of these SMS mail-outs with the help of Intis Telecom’s solutions. Our platform for SMS mail-outs is very easy to use. If you don’t want to open the browser every time and enter your login and password for your account, you can use our plugin for Excel – SMS4Office, which lets you create SMS mail-outs directly from your desktop.