Strange as it may seem, not all recruiting companies have figured out yet that SMS mail-outs are a simple way to make their lives easier, as they are an easy and cheap way to keep in touch with clients.

SMS mail-outs can allow you to organize your work more efficiently. The most obvious thing that you can do is to break contact lists into groups (segmentation). You can divide companies by their area of business. For example, you can create a database of IT companies that are constantly looking for new coders and developers, or of clients in the health sector who are alway recruiting  new doctors and nurses, or of customers from the restaurant business who are hiring waiters, cooks and the like. When the desired candidate appears, all you need to do is inform the companies via text message. Don’t forget to indicate in the message how they can find out the details. Surely, it can be very useful if you include links to detailed candidate descriptions, because there is usually too much information to fit into a text message.

Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to such formal SMS mail-outs. After the work is done, and the vacancy is closed, you need to remind your clients about your services. You can ask how the candidates you found proved themselves. Afterwards, you can ask whether the company needs any more specialists. You can also send congratulations on professional or public holidays, birthdays and etc. Just remember to call subscribers by name (personalization) while avoiding stereotyped phrases. Don’t forget about the candidates. You can just as well send them notifications about a vacancy and give them a link to detailed information or a phone number to contact you. The main thing here is to grab their attention. Think about catchy messages, because you are limited by the number of characters.

For convenience when creating SMS mail-outs, you can use our special platform or Excel plugin.