The usefulness of SMS mail-outs has been evaluated over the years by many marketers. They have been used  in campaigns for various types of business. In particular, SMS marketing has been found to work wonders for fundraising campaigns, being one of the fastest and easiest ways to donate.

To start SMS mail-outs, charity organizations should first get a special, 4 digit short number. This will make transfers easier for everyone who wants to donate.

In addition to the short number, use a special code word to allow people to donate a certain amount immediately.

Send CHRITY to 1234 to donate $5

You can place this information on various advertising platforms; TV and radio, banners and posters in shops and busy transport hubs.

Your mailing list for these messages should include a core of permanent members who regularly give donations. They will receive reminders so that they don’t miss payments, helping to minimize omissions in monthly contributions. To do this you need to have a simple and clear opt-in mechanism. For example, subscribers wishing to receive notifications about contributions must send a code word. An opt-out mechanism should also be simple.

Send the word FEE to 1234 to receive information about donations

Send the word STOP to 12334 to opt-out

You need to remember that donations are voluntary, so you shouldn’t to fill up subscribers’ inboxes with an endless stream of text messages.

You can find the right time and interval for SMS mail-outs with the help of our services, which are very easy to work with; Intis Telecom platform and Excel plugin.