In the sphere of hospitality, SMS marketing allows the range of customer services to be expanded by providing complete information about the hotel from the moment of booking. You can send messages to your customers with the following information:

  • booking confirmation
  • reservation numbers
  • information about excursions
  • welcome messages
  • etc.

Mr Smith, thank you for booking a room in our hotel. Your booking number is 123456. Have a good trip!

For the convenience of your guests, you can use text messages to send information about the entertainment and services which are available in your hotel; Spa procedures, restaurant and bar schedules, programs of events to be held in the hotel, etc. You can create either a daily SMS mail-out for all guests or send the information on request, by using a short number and a code word.

Send SPA to 1234 to learn more details about all the services available in our Spa-center

The ability to book a table in the hotel restaurant via SMS message will be a pleasant surprise for your customers.

Send RES and table number to book

Don’t forget to thank your guests for staying with you. Ask them to leave feedback or do a survey to help improve customer service.

Thank you for choosing our hotel! We hope that you enjoyed your stay with us. Please leave a response on our website [link]

It’s worth remembering that without the consent of your customers, you can’t send messages to them, so think about a convenient and easy opt-in mechanism. The opt-out mechanism also should be easy for your clients.

With the help of Intis Telecom’s services you can to create SMS mail-outs, save templates, set convenient sending times and much more. Our online platform allows you to work from the browser while our Excel plugin is for those who prefer to work right from the desktop.