There are many ways to use SMS marketing. Text messages are cheap and widely used, so you can tell large numbers of people about your company without great expenditure. Today we’ve decided to talk about the different kinds of promotion possible via SMS. Here some ideas for you:


This is the most popular type of SMS promotion. People like discounts, so they can attract their attention. You can send an SMS with information about the discounts your company is offering, or you can put a short number on posters and people who send a message to this number will get a special discount.

Using Packaging

You can place an individual code on the packaging for your goods. By sending SMS with these codes, a consumer can participate in prize draws. Our research suggests that from 5 to 40% of consumers take a part in such promotions, depending on how tempting the prizes on offer are.


Most often, there are three types of lottery scenarios. The first is when the winning codes are set prior to the start; whoever sends these codes become the winners and they are informed about this immediately. The second scenario is when there are no winning codes so people send different responses to special numbers, and the winner is chosen from them (the winner finds out about their victory on the appointed day). The third scenario is that the winner is whoever sends the ‘xth’ response (the fifth, the hundredth, the two thousandth etc).


The essence of these promotions is that the company sets questions with multiple choice answers. These could be about one of the company’s products or services. The results can be counted in different ways; by points, the time taken to answer the questions or the ratio of correct to incorrect answers, etc.

SMS quizzes are no less popular than prize draws. With their help, you can not only advertise goods and raise the company’s profile, but also increase your income from message traffic. Even if the price of messages is not high, the amount of messages received will justify the expense, since there will be a lot of them; consumers will have to inform you that they want to participate in the quiz, answer the questions, then tell you whether or not they’d like to continue answering questions.

You can use SMS in other types of promotions. The main thing is to think it through, paying attention to the smallest details. You need to write an attractive text, choose the right time and make sure that the subscribers have agreed to receive such messages. You can find information about this in our blog. Also, you can choose a ready-made solution that will help you to easily organize SMS mail-outs on our web-site.