SMS mail-outs should attract attention and interest subscribers. However, looking beyond these core imperatives, what’s what other factors should be kept in mind when writing them? Often clients are redirected to the company’s website for more information, which should already lead to the final action – a purchase. Therefore, the content there is no less important than in an SMS message.

Everyone is tired of content

Many marketers report that users are tired of content as it is now. Despite the fact that many people spend about 8 hours a day consuming content, most of the information is forgotten by them within 72 hours. However, the situation changes if the necessary information is presented in the form of an entertaining story. Therefore, storytelling as a content marketing tool is gaining more and more popularity.

What is storytelling?

From the term it becomes clear that this is information conveyed through story. The main goal of storytelling is to captivate the reader. This is done through intrigue, an unexpected ending, and other tricks. But in fact it serves the same thing – to bring the client to the purchase of a product or service as effectively as possible.

How to use it?

To make your story beguiling enough to grab your readers’ attention and guide them to the main step; making a purchase, you can follow a few simple tips:

  1. Don’t forget about the text’s structure. Divide it into parts that will be connected to each other. This will make it easier for your readers to take in the information.
  2. You are writing a story, so you have to have thoughtful characters, setting, and a conflict to be resolved.
  3. You are writing about your brand, so it is best to convey your own values and morals. This is as long as the information is relevant.
  4. Always remember who you are writing for, because a story can be both for your target audience and for employees.
  5. Empathy is the key to your clients’ hearts. In general, according to Anne Handley (the author of Everybody Writes), it is an integral part of the formula of quality content. Through empathy you can show that you are prioritising client needs.
  6. Write about what you know. Your story must be true. Customers need to trust you. If your words and actions diverge, then you will definitely earn yourself a negative reputation.

If you have already prepared high-quality and engaging content on your website, it’s time to start doing the same with your SMS mail-outs. To get started, you just need to go to your Intis Telecom personal account.