Top 9 SMS mailouts mistakes

What is the importance of sending the right SMS?

Company image is key to success in promoting goods or services. In particular, image is built by getting positive reviews from regular customers, providing quality service, and ensuring the provision of reliable guarantees. In advertising campaigns, the emphasis often shifts to quantity. This can lead to a fall in quality. This is despite the fact that the customer’s desire to purchase a product or service from your company depends on the information you provide. This problem often occurs when using marketing strategies such as mass text messaging to mobile users.

Do you think that there is nothing easier than sending an advertising message to clients and waiting for them to come to your store or your gym? If this is the case, have you ever wondered why no one ever responds ed to your messages?

The problem is that your message probably contains typical mistakes that scare away potential customers and contribute to their “departure” to competitors.

Top 9 typical mistakes in SMS

No.1 “The simultaneous advertising of several products or services”

The simultaneous promotion of several goods/services in a message hinders the client’s perception of information, leading to the central focus of the message being lost.

No.2 “Not the target audience”

Sending out boiler-plate messages to absolutely all the users on your database, will not result in high conversion rates. It also means you will not be able to track the effectiveness of the messaging. It is necessary to divide your customer database by several criteria such as:

  • location,
  • interests,
  • the number of purchases made.

Then you should conduct targeted mailing, using content corresponding to the interests of the selected group of customers.

No.3 “Message Text Length”

The use of long and complex sentences makes it hard for the client to understand the sense of your message. The simpler – the better.

No.4 “Grammatical errors”

Make sure to check for grammatical errors in the text. If clients see them, they subconsciously understand that they can’t trust your company because your products maybe as low-quality as your advertising messages.

No.5 “No customer contact”

Forgetting to address the client by the name in the SMS. By doing this, you miss the chance to t increase the level of communication with the consumer. Watch out! Be sure to read the message before sending it, so that there are no such incidents as: “Dear Helen!”

No.6 “Frequent Newsletter”

Frequent mailing of advertising scares and annoys consumers. The client begins to associate your messages with spam. Therefore, do not “attack” potential buyers with discount messages every day. The most preferable interval between messages is 1 week.

No.7 “Boring Messages”

You send boring and typical advertising messages. Show creativity and surprise clients, then they will definitely come to you for the service!

No.8 “There is no way to unsubscribe from the newsletter”

You do not provide the opportunity to unsubscribe from the distribution of advertising messages, which causes an unconscious negative attitude towards your services from the client. Just making it clear how to unsubscribe from future mailings will increase levels of loyalty to the company. For example, you could add a link to a page on your site where the client can unsubscribe from the mailouts.

No.9 “No call to action”

Your ad message is missing a call to action. How can clients understand what they need to do, and in what time frame? The information should be covered in as much detail as possible in your messages.

What do I need to do to avoid possible failures in my SMS campaign?

The main advice is to be as careful as possible and write messages that don’t provoke negative reactions. You have to like to read it. Avoid all of the above mentioned SMS newsletter mistakes. Then you will definitely leave a good impression and stimulate clients to action.