Text message marketing is one of the most popular tools used for business growth. Many companies all over the world send SMS to their customers for different reasons; promotion, notifications, special offers, etc. We’ve decided to figure out which types of business use SMS marketing more often and more successfully than others. Here are our top 5:


We’ve decided to include restaurants, bars and nightclubs in this category. To attract clients, companies send SMS with special offers for lunchtime or Friday evenings. Also, these businesses can use SMS marketing to confirm reservations.


Shops use SMS marketing mainly to send messages with promotions and information about seasonal sales. Very often, SMS with special offers contain coupons which customers can show when buying products. Also, retail outlets send messages with information about new products and exclusive details.

Travel and Accommodation

As in the entertainment sector, hotels or hostels use text messages for reservation confirmation. For the travel business, SMS are very useful for reminding customers about flight schedules, sending information about trips or other important details.

The Beauty Industry

Beauty salons very often send promotion and notification messages to their customers. Text messaging is an effective way to reach clients and can help those who need to cancel their appointments.


Text messages have become an integral part of banking. Mobile banking has made the lives of customers a lot easier. Banks mostly use SMS to send notification messages to their clients.

If your business belongs to another type, it doesn’t mean that SMS marketing won’t help you. You can take the experience of other companies and use it to develop yours. For the best results, you can read the information on our web-site and choose your own way of using text messages in business.