If it seems that you have already run out of ideas for the texts of your SMS campaigns and don’t know what more you can add, you maybe in need of inspiration to let you make your texts special, so they can not only motivate customers to pay for your goods or services, but also be memorable into the bargain.

Similes are a tool which you can integrate into your SMS campaigns and which can make your texts more intriguing and tantalizing for the audience. This is also called accepting an analogy. One concept is compared with another in order to describe in more detail the characteristics of the first concept. You talk about A, mean B and compare them, finding similar features:

“Traveling without knowing a foreign language is like having a suitcase with $ 1,000 and leaving it in the bus don’t get caught out. Chinese, Spanish or Korean, start your language course today! Idiomas School”

“Go to the gym, but continue to eat sweets – it’s like a shoemaker without boots. Stop exhausting yourself with meaningless trainings. In our clinic you will find the right way to eat”

Why can similes make your SMS mail-outs more effective?

With similes, you appeal to the key needs of the client. With their help, you can very precisely, yet imperceptibly trigger a response that will lead them to buy your product or order a service.

You can make subscribers think with the help of analogy, and this attracts their attention. Without difficult words you can convey a simple idea, a call to action. Just use metaphors and similes.

You can enrich your texts with the help of similes. Make them brighter, lighter and more memorable. Similes activate the imagination. But don’t be very addicted to similes, SMS messages have their limits which shouldn’t be exceeded. Your text should be short and at the same time catchy.

The main task of any SMS mail-out is to attract customers. The more interesting and memorable your text message is, the more attention it will be able to receive and the more potential customers you will have. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with the text, introducing new techniques. The main thing is to conduct tests before you start your SMS campaign.