Everyone who organizes SMS mail-outs makes a lot of efforts to make them successful and bring a positive result. However, over time, subscribers may want to opt-out. This is quite a natural process. So don’t panic. The situation can be corrected if everything is analyzed in time and you begin to take measures.

The main reasons for the loss of customers’ interest are:

  • you have written too often;
  • you haven’t written often enough;
  • your SMS mail-out doesn’t stand out;
  • there is nothing new in your SMS mail-out (for example, every week you send a 10% discount for one good);
  • your messages have become uninteresting;
  • a client has changed their phone number.

In all these cases, customers are one step away from an opt-out. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t win back their interest.

What can be done?

Make an offer

The usual problem of mail-outs is that subscribers don’t understand their value, or the messages annoy them. Write a short sentence with the gist of your offer. This shouldn’t necessarily be a discount. Use bonuses, gifts, etc. You can just write what exactly will be in your SMS mail-outs and how often you will send them.

Choose a “reanimation” theme

Your theme is the first words that are displayed in an unread message. They must hook clients. Be original. Your goal is to return your customers.

Add emotionality

This is the most difficult part of SMS mail-outs. You need to fit a real emotional message into a limited number of characters and attract the attention of clients who have already forgotten about you. To do this, analyze your database by segments, find out what preferences a particular group has, and find the right emotion for your audience.

Use information about customers

Of course, it is always useful to know your subscribers. What they eat. What time they fall asleep. And how often they read books. However, it is even more important to know their purchasing habits. When was the last time your client bought something? How much money did your client spend? Did your client come back for another purchase?

Write a series of messages

It’s better if it’s three messages. They can find out why your customers wants to opt-out. Then offer them useful content. In the end they can offer a one-off discount.

All these steps for retaining your customers you can do easily with Intis Telecom’s special plugin, SMS4Office.