A/B testing, AKA ‘split’ testing, is a powerful marketing tool for increasing the efficiency of your SMS mail-outs. Using A/B tests can help you to optimise messages content and sending times, boosting your conversion rates.

But first of all let’s figure out what misconceptions about A/B testing are out there. We hope that this little article will help you to get a better grasp of split testing and be more successful in your SMS mail-outs.

Split Testing Is Optimization

This testing cannot optimize conversion rates on its own. Conversion optimization can only be achieved through full data analysis using various tools. A/B testing focuses on elements of the promotion strategy, allowing you to see how they can be optimised. These elements could be the text of the message, delivery time, date, or personalization, etc. You don’t need to test everything at once. For the best results, only one or two elements should be checked in a single test.

You Need to Test Every Little Detail of Your SMS Mail-outs

The main principle of an effective beta test is that you are testing the most important element or the key word of the SMS mail-out. Choose the elements have the most impact on conversion rates:

  • Sending time;
  • Presence/absence of recipient name;
  • Sending date;
  • Discounts/bonuses/other offers;
  • Link to your website/phone number.

If It Works for a Competitor, It Will Work for Me

This misconception is often associated with the decision to introduce certain features into SMS mail-outs, for example, coupons as a result of a successful campaign which your competitors have put on. If you have heard or read that a particular feature has made a sensation in the marketing campaign of one business, this doesn’t mean that you will get the same result. Remember that you have different clients, traffic, channels of attraction, marketing tasks with that business, so the test results will be different.

A/B Testing Results Are Stable

You need to test SMS mail-outs regularly. If in February, you made a sale because you had a “2 for the price of 1” special offer, this doesn’t mean that it will bring you the same result in March. Indicators can change from day to day, week to week, or month or year. There are many factors that influence efficiency.

A/B Testing Will Definitely Improve The Conversion Of Your SMS Mail-outs

Split testing is not a magic wand. This is just a tool that can help you find out whether your SMS mail-outs are working well or not. Increasing your SMS conversion rates is up to you and you alone. The best way to increase conversion rates is to regularly adjust elements of your SMS, analyse performance and implement new features that work.

A/B testing is a tool that can help you find the best SMS mail-outs strategies. By Checking the changes that you’ve made, you can increase the chances of finding the most effective features for your SMS mail-outs.