According to the International Telecommunication Union, about 200,000 SMS are sent every second in the world, including those used for marketing. 90% of text messages are read in the first seconds after they are received. That’s why SMS marketing is still a popular tool that, if used effectively, helps to increase company profits.

Another possibility that SMS allows is to reactivate your client databases.

Even the most engaged subscribers sometimes lose interest in content or tune out altogether. When customers don’t respond to messages, businesses lose money; they waste their marketing budgets, their profits stop growing, and they cease to build themselves a loyal clientele. This situation can be turned around with the use of reactivation campaigns.

Reactivation is a strategy for sending trigger messages to subscribers who have stopped responding to your SMS mail-outs and no longer follow links, buy goods or use promotional codes or special offers.

Client database reactivation brings subscribers back into communication with the business. It helps to boost sales (as customers come back to you) and it saves money on SMS marketing (as your messages don’t go to waste when ‘sleeping’ subscribers are excluded from +SMS mail-outs).

What do you need to do to reactivate?

The first thing to do is to immediately remove all the “sleeping” subscribers from your regular SMS mailing list, so you can save funds. As these clients are no longer responding to your messages, they need a completely different approach.

Then, set a time limit for your reactivation campaign. You can’t just keep reminding lapsed clients about your company forever. This approach isn’t cost-efficient and, instead of winning the client back, you may simply force them to opt-out.

Don’t forget segmentation. “Sleeping” subscribers also need to be approached in this way, just like the main ones. However, rather than looking atn criteria such as interests, age or frequency of purchases, the following categories might be useful::

  • hasn’t used promotional codes and special offers from messages for X months,
  • hasn’t followed links from messages for X months,
  • has followed links from messages but not made a purchase for X months.

Each category requires a specifically tailored reactivation approach.

Reactivation is necessary to retain long term clients. It helps prevent the business from losing regular customers forever and it can regain their flagging interest in your company. Once you have identified and segmented your lapsed clients, you’re ready to try some reactivation strategies. We’ll look into this question in more detail next week.

You can systematise and simplify all stages of your reactivation campaign using the tools of the Intis Telecom platform.