Communication with clients is an important aspect of sales. Clients should receive all the information they need when they need it and in full volume.

When they ask a company questions, customers want to get useful answers in a reasonable time frame. No one is ready to wait for days, as not all questions remain relevant. Therefore, you and your employees should be prepared to respond to clients in a short time.

Many companies prefer to use various instant messenger services to do this, such as WhatsApp or Viber. Some communicate on social media. Others use chat rooms on their website. However, there is another way to contact your clients; 2way SMS.

2way SMS is a way to communicate with clients through text messages. Almost everyone is used to SMS being used by companies to send out advertising or information. However, clients can also send them to companies.

Of course, this method is not free, but it expands your options. For example, if, for some reason, your clients don’t have the Internet and they can’t call you, but they need to ask a question about your products or services, they can send you an SMS. This ensures rapid communication.

You can conduct a full-fledged conversation with your customers via this method. A separate mobile phone can be reserved for this purpose, on which an employee can swiftly respond to clients. You can also set up a CRM system to receive SMS from subscribers and reply straight away.

It’s worth noting that Intis Telecom’s programmes are fully integratable into various CRMs.

You can also devise a system of short codes that clients can send you, with each code denoting a different question which they are interested in. This will reduce the time that customers spend obtaining the information they need, and it can increase customer loyalty. After sending a code, clients receive the information they need via SMS. This could be either the information in full, a link to a website, or a request to call an employee. There may, of course, be other options, it all depends on what the client needs and the specifics of your company.

SMS is a fast, convenient and inexpensive way to communicate with customers. It expands a company’s ability to quickly respond to all questions of interest. You can find out what opportunities SMS offers on the Intis Telecom platform. Registration is free.