The best SMS web service online

Real-life experience shows that SMS-messaging is one of the most effective ways to advertise various goods and services, as well as to provide clients with important information. It is an effective tool for keeping current customers and finding new ones.

Why? Firstly, people almost always read incoming SMS texts. Secondly, it is a type of advertisement that is reasonably cheap. Sending text messages through the Intis Telecom online service is better value for money than other types of advertising.

How can you use bulk SMS sending?

Intis Telecom, a mass SMS-sending web-service can be used for any type of business to keep in touch with its customers. Notify your clients about promotions and discounts, order statuses, etc. It is also useful for organizing mass events.

SMS gateway services are also used to:

  • Send adverts;
  • Inform and trigger alerts (eg automated account balance updates when a specified sum is reached);
  • Sending subscribers informative texts

These are not all the functions – whatever you need to do, you can always implement your idea through bulk SMS-messages.

The advantages of using the Intis Telecom SMS gateway

Intis Telecom offers high quality, flexible service for running advertising campaigns in any country or region. This is the best service for mass texting worldwide..

Why our SMS service is the best on the Internet:

  • Send SMS anywhere around the world;
  • No fee for using the gateway – you pay only for the SMS;
  • Instant SMS dispatch;
  • Ready-made templates for advertising campaigns to save your time;
  • Intuitive easily-mastered interface;
  • No need to install any additional software;
  • Low prices.

You can easily integrate your contact list into the SMS-messaging service, no matter what format it is stored in. You can also edit the list by deleting, replacing, or, adding contacts. By sending SMS from the best mass messaging service available, Intis Telecom, you are saving your time and money. Use this effective tool to attract and retain customers.