While Apple has already introduced Continuity, a feature that will allow Mac users sending text messages from their desktops, Windows 10 has been working hard to keep up. SMS capabilities are also to be added to the new operating system, according to the source.


It has been revealed that the new edition of Windows will be equipped with more communication opportunities designed to make all sorts of interactions easier and faster. Thus, a cool special command “Send SMS” is going to appear right on the users’ desktops.


Although the feature can be processed through Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, the company is likely to update its Messaging app with more features. What exactly they are going to be is still to be announced, but the current version of Cortana allows commanding through typing as well as voice recognition. There are going to be certain benefits for users who opt for Windows-based smartphones in addition to their PCs and laptops. For them, Cortana is likely to become a reliable and careful reminder of missed calls and text messages that will show alerts on all synchronized gadgets.

However, Microsoft has no other choice but to become more flexible when it comes to users whose smartphones are Android or iOS- based. The company is reported to be offering the benefits of Cortana to them by means of its Cortana iOS and Android apps.