We’re back with our monthly text about how to find a good reason to send text messages to clients. Let’s look what interesting days we have in January.

3rd January

On this day, an unusual holiday is celebrated around the world as it is considered the birthday of the cocktail straw or Drinking Straw Day.

According to legend, the first artificial straw for a cocktail was invented by the American businessman Marvin Stone, the owner of a factory for the production of paper cigarette holders. As the story goes, one day he sat in sad contemplation of the state of his business, as things were going badly at the factory, drinking a cocktail through a rye straw. Its fibers kept on splitting and getting stuck in Marvin’s teeth. This annoyed him.

Then he took a strip of paper and smeared the entire length of one edge with glue, wrapped it round a pencil, and then took off the resulting tube. He had made himself a straw which was much more convenient to drink a cocktail through. On the 3rd of January, he patented his invention.

Thanks to this event, an unusual holiday came to be, and it’s a good excuse to send an SMS mail-out. In 2020, when celebrating an item often made of disposable plastic, it’s important to stress you’re environmental awareness by only using biodegradable straws.

The most obvious thing to do is to invite your clients to a cocktail party dedicated to Drinking Straw Day. If you are the owner of a business which is not related to drinking cocktails, then you could, for example, arrange, a craft competition using straws, the winner of which will receive a gift from you, a discount or some other award.

“Let’s celebrate Drinking Straw Day together! On January 3rd,we’re putting on a crazy party in our bar dedicated to this day. Effervescent music, contests, gifts and a great mood will be waiting for you !(NB All our straws are biodegradable)”

20th January

On January 20th, the world community celebrates an environmental holiday in honor of one of the most unusual birds in the world – Penguin Awareness Day.

The goal is to increase people’s knowledge of penguins, with a focus on maintaining their numbers and preserving their habitats.

This holiday is a good occasion to learn more about penguins and their environment, and think about what we can do to protect the world and nature around us.

“On January 20th, the city museum will host an event dedicated to Penguin Awareness Day. The programme includes an informative lecture on penguins and their environment, a discussion group entitled ‘Save the planet for penguins’, and for our little guests, there will be a Toy Penguin workshop”

21st January

A rather unusual holiday is celebrated around the world on January 21 – International Hug Day. First held in the United States in 1986 under the name ‘National Hugging Day’, this holiday subsequently spread rapidly throughout the world. According to the traditions of the holiday, you can, and should even embrace strangers on this day.

This holiday provides a good reason for SMS mail-outs. You don’t need to sell anything, or to come up with promotions and bonuses, just tell your subscribers about this day, thereby reminding them about yourself.

“Don’t forget to give someone your hug on January 21st, because this is International Hug Day. Please accept a warm and affectionate virtual hug from us!”

24th January

January 24 is marked by a “sweet” holiday – International Eskimo Pie Day. Its date was chosen because on this day in 1922, Christian Nelson, the owner of a candy store in the city of Onawa (Iowa, USA) received a patent for eskimo pie.
The Eskimo in question is not an inhabitant of the Arctic, but a creamy ice cream on a stick coated with chocolate. This is not just an ice cream, it is also a symbol of carefree summer days, a taste of childhood, the love of which many have preserved for life.

It’s a pleasure to dedicate an SMS mail-out to such an event. Let your imagination run free, remember your childhood and create colourful and vivid images in the minds of your customers. Let love for eskimo pie reign in every letter of your messages.

“It’s so nice to enjoy an eskimo ice cream on a hot summer day, when the chocolate shell crunches and the most delicate ice cream melts in your mouth. In the middle of winter, let’s plunge together to the middle of summer and celebrate International Eskimo Pie Day. We are waiting for you on January 24 at our place”

Of course, in January, there are many more interesting events. We have just picked out a few of them. You can also find your own good reasons to send text messages to your clients. We’ll be back with more in February.