Text is the main weapon of those who make advertising campaigns based on SMS mail-outs. Your language should be eye-catching, piquing interest and ultimately attracting customers to increase sales. We’ve already talked about the importance of copywriting for SMS marketing. Today we’d like to delve a little into this topic. So, let’s go.

Write as if you are leading a friendly, confidential conversation

Imagine the customer is your friend. Rather than pursuing the hard sell, tell them about all the advantages of a product or service, whilst creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere and sharing personal experiences and impressions.

“Was the week tough? We know what will help you relax! Our new spa opened yesterday and it is located right in your area. Visit our website [link] to get bonuses on your first visit”

Use words that are easily said

Believe us, if a word is difficult to pronounce, it is also difficult to read. A person reading a text, piled up with hard-to-pronounce words, simply closes it, and your offer will be unnoticed.

Compare this

“Prepare for an evening of diverting entertainment! Our establishment has organised the most fabulous performance of modern ‘rock’ music in the entirety of history! You are beseeched to assemble your companions and attend what will undoubtedly be a highly memorable soirée”

with this:

“Get ready for fun! This evening our bar has the best rock-concert ever. Come and take your friends”

Alternate narrative, affirmative and interrogative sentences

Narrative sentences tell stories such as “it was another busy day at the office” or “now Jack was well and truly lost in the forest”.

Affirmative sentences state facts, for instance “our handbags are available in major highstreet stores’ or “sms is the best”.

Interrogative sentences, of course, ask questions, for example“ do you really want to pay so much?” or “why miss this chance?”

Try to mix up these different types of sentences in your text messages. Diversity is good, just don’t abuse it. Doing this will make your text more lively, and it will be easier for subscribers to absorb information.

“Another business trip to Mexico. The language barrier is losing you contracts. Would you like to learn Spanish?”

Use different punctuation marks

This item is related to the previous one. Various punctuation marks will enliven your text. But here also there are rules:

  • There should be no more fullstops than words. That is, you. shouldn’t. abuse. short. sentences. of. one. word.
  • Don’t put in more than one exclamation mark!!! You shouldn’t shout at your clients.
  • Can your text really consist only of questions? Maybe one is quite enough? Or perhaps you don’t need them at all?

“Happy birthday! Do you like presents? We have the one for you. You can get it in any of our stores using this promo code: 123456”

Copywriting is important for SMS marketing, so you should carefully consider writing texts for SMS mailings. We will continue to talk about this in the next post.