Today we want to continue our talking about copywriting tips that we’ve started previous time.

In one sentence, state one thought

Don’t overload your text. It should be easy to understand. The more ideas you put in one sentence, the more difficult it will be for your customers to make a choice.Messages like this are cluttered and confusing:

“It’s the Summer sale at our shop, where you can buy new jeans with a 10% discount, or T-shirts with a 5% discount, or new shoes with a 20% discount

It’s better to write like this:

“It’s the Summer sale at our shop. Up to 25% discounts on all goods. More information is available on our website”

Use words that activate the organs of perception

This approach will help revitalize your text and attract the attention of clients. Write about sights, sounds and smells. Let your text make them taste the cake, smell the coffee, or imagine themselves sitting at the wheel of a new car.

“This day is French bakery day in our café; come and smell the croissants”

“A new range of foreign language courses are on offer at our school. Expand the horizons of the world. Hear the sweet sound of success”

Use emoji to produce the “liveliness” of speech

We’ve written about using emojis in your SMS mail-outs. They can help make your text more attractive. However, at the same time, they can alienate customers from you if their use is not appropriate.

Let’s repeat some general rules for using emojis in SMS mail-outs:

  • The younger your target audience is, the more receptive they are to these graphic symbols.
  • Emojis shouldn’t jar the eyes. Maybe don’t send little pictures of dog poop.
  • If you are sending serious text messages, don’t use emojis.
  • In personal correspondence with consumers, emojis may be a good choice, as they “humanize” the image of a specialist working with clients. On the other hand,they look ridiculous in official letters from CEOs, company presidents or chief accountants.
  • Only use symbols with clearly established meanings. If the meaning is unclear, it’s better not to use them.
  • Use positive emojis if you are counting on the loyalty of your audience. A recent study of users of social media showed that they don’t like negative emotions, such as “anger”, “sadness”, etc.

Use numbers to make you sound better

Using specific numbers in your text can help your clients to feel more confident about you. The vaguer you express yourself in your messages, the greater the likelihood that customers won’t buy anything or refuse your services.

This weekend is the opening of another of our spa salons. For quite a long time, we have been helping giving put our customers in a great mood and giving them the opportunity to become even more beautiful. Come on Sunday and get a free trial coupon.

It’s better to put in some specifics:

This weekend is the opening of our fifth spa salon. For 10 years, we have been helping put our customers in a great mood and giving them the opportunity to become even more beautiful. Come on Sunday and get a free trial coupon.

“Our company has many clients in lots of different countries. We sell lots of domestic appliances, in our large chain of shops”

“Our company has 20,000 clients in 18 countries around the globe. Last year we sold €7,500,000 worth of domestic appliances in our chain of 37 shops”

Read your text out loud before you send it

Don’t neglect this item. By reading your text out loud, you may notice errors, difficulties in understanding your offer.If it’s difficult for you to read, it’s likely to be more difficult for your clients. Test it out on different audiences, to make sure it sounds right.

We hope these tips will help you to increase your response rate and lead to successful SMS mailouts.