The holidays are around the corner. We’ve already given you some tips about how to organize an SMS mail-out on holidays. This time we want to share with you a few techniques that can help you to attract customers.

Flash Sales

Last minute offers are a powerful force for sales promotion. You can make good money from this by offering incredible discounts for a short period, and giving your sales a boost. You can send text messages to your subscribers with information about these exclusive flash sales to help them feel the joy of holiday shopping.

Special access to discounts

Holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. Buyers go to online stores to avoid long queues and packed shopping centres. One way to attract people to your stores is to give them special access, either for example, one hour before or one hour after regular store hours. You can send this offer to your VIP clients, to show them your loyalty.

Focus on the most popular goods

Every year there are certain goods that become hits of the holiday sales. If you are selling these products, send special offers to your subscribers, so they can rest assured that they will get these items. Alternatively, you can organize a pre-sale for your subscribers via SMS.


People love to win, and they may become even more determined to get something for free when they realise how much money they are spending on gifts for the holidays. This means that, by holding a competition during the festive season, you get a great way to attract more customers for your business.

For example, you could have a secret festive code hidden in your store or on the website. People should send this text in order to win a prize. It is better to give prizes to all participants, even if it’s just coupons.


Another way to increase interaction with consumers, which in turn can lead to an increase in the flow of customers, is to organize polls. You can do this easily with one of Intis Telecom’s solutions – 2way SMS.

Your SMS mail-outs should not only be informative, but also effective. Therefore, write text messages with a call to action, as this can bring the best results. Let your clients understand that you’ve got just what they need for the holiday season.