What does the success of your SMS mail-out depend on? There are a lot of factors involved, but we can’t deny that one of the most important ones is a well put together offer. Even if you’ve thoroughly planned the all aspects of your SMS mail-out, picked the right time and done other preparatory work, a weak offer can destroy everything.

So, what’s the secret of making an attractive offer which can improve the efficiency of your SMS mail-out? Let’s figure out it.

The offer is an important part of your SMS mail-out. Don’t forget to combine the following criteria:

  1. Clarity (the proposal should be short, as concise as possible and easy to understand).
  2. A call to action (it should motivate clients).
  3. A special feature (this is for what you are creating your SMS mail-out for; a promotion, discount, bonus, etc).

What Could be Better than Bonuses?

If you want your SMS mail-outs to be effective, you need to use a bonus that is advantageous to your customers. Only if there is a unique offer can you motivate customers to use your services.

“Get a 20% discount for all procedures in our spa until the end of September”

You can find more information about bonuses here.

Create Trusting Relationships with Clients

How? Provide them with guarantees. You need clearly formulate what you are offering. Don’t just say “we will refund your money if you do not like the goods”. It is better to be more specific.

“Lose 10 kilos with us in 2 months, or your money back”

In order to reduce the number of returns and requests for refunds, use a longer guarantee. Try to make it as long a feasible.

Use Psychology

In your SMS mail-outs offer your customers three prices: the lowest, the average and the highest. The majority of consumers will choose the average cost. This is a pure psychological trick.

“The price of a haircut is; 5$, 10$ or 15$ (depending on the hairdresser’s experience)”

Also, try to use the following pricing pattern in your offer; three purchase options; the “Basic” package , the “Medium” package and the “Maximum” package. The names may vary. Of course, the more expensive packages should have additional benefits and bonuses.

A Fast Means of Communication

Now it is very popular to add a link to a website in the text of SMS mail-out. Yes, of course,this is often necessary, but don’t forget to add a contact phone number. When you go to a site from a message, it does not always open quickly and correctly. If you add a phone number, customers can immediately call directly from the message and order the goods. What’s more, if you don’t have a mobile friendly website layout, it’s better not to post a link in the message, as by doing this you will only lose customers at the first hurdle.

“We have a new zumba instructor at our sports club. The first five clients will get classes with a 30% discount. Call right now: 505-430”

Use these advices and you will be able to create an effective offer. Don’t forget that you need to use certain techniques to ensure that your offers are always up to scratch and bring real benefits to your business in the form of purchases, registrations and order. Keep in mind that, to make an offer work you need to test the various options.