Efficiency is what characterizes the success of your SMS mail-outs. To make it easier to understand their efficiency, marketers have devised a special formula.

What is the formula for efficiency?

Efficiency is relevance, multiplied by offer value and motivation:

  • Relevance. How your offer relates to customers.
  • Offer value. The benefit of your offer to customers.
  • Motivation. The stimulus for customers to respond to your call to action.

Suppose you make a good offer and motivate your subscribers, but they still have fears and objections. They hinder the target action. We add these to the formula with a minus sign. You need to work on them.

Let’s figure out why SMS mail-outs may not always bring the expected result.

There are 5 main reasons:

This SMS mail-out is not for me

When SMS mail-outs are conducted without sufficient preparation, and a template advertising message is distributed suddenly throughout the database without segmentation, subscribers don’t understand who has sent the text messages and they don’t understand how it relates to them. Messages which are seen as irrelevant are rejected.

There is no stimulus

Your first words don’t attract the attention of subscribers. If you don’t start your message with the main draw to raise customers’ interest, it won’t be read.

There is no offer

There should be a valuable offer in your message. This can be a discount, a bonus or something else. Most importantly, it must lead to targeted action.

Can I trust them?

Subscribers may have nagging questions such as ‘why is this discount so generous? Is there anything suspicious about all this?’ If you don’t answer these questions in your message, they may come up with their own answers.

Too complex

Your message should have a clear text structure. Don’t try to include all the information that you have. It’s better to include a link to your site in your SMS mail-out, so that the full details can be read there. So, you can simplify the text of the message while,at the same time, making available all the necessary information on your offer.

What to change in anSMS mail-out to make it more effective? To understand the best way to tweak it, you need to conduct tests. The reaction of subscribers can show what to write and how to do it, giving a better picture of which offers work.

If you are ready to start an SMS mail-out, you can use Intis Telecom’s special plugin – SMS4Office – which allows you to organize things quickly and easily.