Determining the target audience is an important stage in promoting any product or service on the market. As in many fields, progress has continued apace in this area, and every year there are innovations that help to streamline the process of identifying exactly who your clients should be. What should you pay attention to when you determine the target audience?


Geo targeting has recently been used in marketing, and has already become popular. It looks at consumer data in specific countries, regions, cities, or even buildings and it helps you to find clients in your location.

The main goal of geo targeting is to increase the efficiency of advertising messages by targeting audiences in specific markets. This allows you to pinpoint clients who will find it more convenient to buy a product or receive a service from you rather than from your competitors.


Recently, marketers have begun to move beyond the standard portrait of the consumer’s “gender, age, social status and income”. More attention is being paid to the important factor of the customer’s emotions towards the product. After all, it’s now generally accepted that a business doesn’t start with a client, but with their emotions.

This means that additional questions arise when analysing the target audience; “What will buying this product give this person?”, “What emotions will they experience?”, “In what situation will they want to buy it?”, “Do they imagine that this product can somehow change their lives and themselves?” etc.

In this regard, marketers are beginning to rethink the concept of the “target audience”, proposing to replace it with the concept of the “target situation”, which may be more suited to the realities of the modern market.


The desires that a potential client may have are also an important factor in determining the target audience. If your product or service fulfils the customers’ desires, helping them become satisfied, then they will more readily pay attention to it.

An example of this approach to determining the target audience is clearly visible in Mercedes and BMW marketing campaigns. BMW sells speed, a smooth ride and quality, while Mercedes focuses on people who value comfort.

It’s important to work out exactly who your target audience should be. It follows that, when considering this question, you should keep up with the times and listen to customers’ needs. If you have already found your clients, then it’s time to start communicating with them via SMS mail-outs, which you can easily configure on our special Intis Telecom platform.