Last week we talked about how to pick the right day for SMS mail-outs. This time we want to talk about another important topic – how to pick the right time of day. Unfortunately, there is no “golden hour” for sending text messages to your clients. However, there are moments when the audience is at its most responsive.

Early morning

From 6 am till 7 am is not a very good time for sending text messages. In their research, KISSmetrics found that, although a respectable 10 % of recipients may open your website for additional information after reading your advertising messages at this time, this is also a popular time to op-out from SMS mail-outs.

The working day

Some say this time isn’t very good for SMS mail-outs, because people are focused on their work. MailerMailer’s research, however, found the highest opening rate of all at 10am This is also, the perfect time for sending messages about special offers in lunchtime cafés and restaurants.


KISSmetrics found that from 5pm till 7pm is the best time for sending holiday and B2B offers. According to their data, during these two hours the opening rate for “Holiday Offers” messages is 17.9%. Advertising messages in the B2B sector showed an even higher opening rate – 26,4%.

The night time

We have said many times that this period of day isn’t convenient for sending anything at all. You may disturb your clients, thereby antagonising them, which may lead them to request an opt-out. On the other hand, as few companies send SMS mail-outs at midnight, this stratagem may be used to help your company stand out. If you send text messages at night, they will be at the top of the “Incoming” folder and your clients will read them first thing in the morning.

In any case, before you start your SMS mail-out, study your target audience, conduct A/B tests and use the helpful functions of the Intis Telecom platform. We hope that you can find the right time for you.