As a recruitment agency, you serve as a medium of communication between clients and job seekers. But you yourself need a medium that will help you to find candidates to fill vacancies faster than your competitors can. Text messaging, with its instant delivery and high opening rates, is just what you need for this.

Why do recruitment agencies need to text?

First of all, texting, in comparison to emailing, another popular communication tool among recruiters, makes it easier to get in touch with a job seeker rapidly. This is because text messages are typically read within only 3 minutes, while emails tend to be opened within 48 hours, if they haven’t been redirected to the spam folder.

Secondly, there are situations where texting can be a more appropriate way to keep in touch with job seekers. Lots of people are looking for a new job while already in employment. Sending them a text message instead of calling them won’t interfere their working day or provoke unwanted questions from colleagues. So, as they are kept abreast of news instantly, these candidates can choose for themselves whether it’s convenient for them to talk to you.

Thirdly, SMS campaigns can speed up the entire process of filling vacant positions, as you can communicate with all candidates at the same time. Moreover, with special personalization features personalization feature of our texting service you won’t lose the personal touch when bulk messaging. This is a very important aspect when building long-term relationships with clients.

How can recruiters use text messaging services?

Besides sending messages, texting platforms have many other nice functions to make your work easier.

For example, right in the SMS texting platform you can create groups of candidates, sorting and ranking them according to their profession, qualifications or special skills. This makes it easier to target your text messages to the right people.

You can also integrate your text messaging service into recruitment apps which keep candidates’ CVs. That will help you to have all the facts about job seekers in one place, allowing the most suitable candidates to be picked rapidly.

What are real SMS strategies for recruitment agencies?

Texting already comes in handy early in the process, when you need to find out some additional information about a candidate. It’s much more efficient to send a candidate an SMS message with your questions than to email him screening questionnaires, hoping that your letter won’t get lost in his crammed mailbox.

Further on in the process, you can inform candidates about updates on their applications and interviews and send out potential job descriptions via text messages. But you need to remember that SMS messages are only 160 characters. So you should include only main points of vacancies in text messages; for more details, you can provide them with links to your job postings.

Actually, this may be a good pre-selecting tool, as only candidates who are genuinely interested will follow the links and you can track these actions.

Finally, you can follow up your candidates, sending them text messages with other valuable content, such as job seeking tips on how to compose an ideal CV, how to overcome job interview anxiety or whatever else you come up with. Being regularly in contact with your candidates helps you to enhance your relationship and monitor whether a particular candidate is still looking for a job.

Text messaging is a perfect medium to stay in touch with recruiting candidates; firstly, because it does not disturb them a lot and allows you to communicate with them directly and instantly – that is especially true for your employed candidate; secondly, because you can check in whether your pool of candidates is up to date in such way. You can also optimize screening process by integration your text message service into any recruitment apps, so that after you choose best candidates from your database you can text them about a new job position in a matter of seconds.