Recently, we’ve written about the benefits of SMS mail-outs using operators’ databases. Today we would like to reiterate the advantages of sending text messages using your own database, so that you can easily decide which is the best option for you.

Carefully selected target audience

When you’re using your in house database, you  can be more confident that the subscribers on your list won’t mind your SMS mail-outs, because each of your clients has personally agreed to receive text messages from you.

This means you can contact each client directly and personalise your text messages. You must admit that it’s nicer when people call you by name.

Easy Targeting of SMS mail-outs

Moreover, it is very easy to target clients on your own database. You don’t need to choose from a variety of items, hoping that there won’t be any error. You already know your customers, so you can easily select the right recipients  for a specific SMS mail-out.

Increase the loyalty of long term clients

By conducting SMS mail-outs using operators’ databases, you may attract large numbers  of new clients. Of course this is a big plus. However, your own database allows you to increase the loyalty of existing clients. After all, you know exactly how many years they have been with you and how many purchases they have made, which means you can offer them decent bonuses.

When you compile databases for SMS mail-outs by yourself, you need to make sure you include convenient opt-in and opt-out mechanisms, as well as familiarizing yourself with the relevant laws.

Both SMS mail-outs using operators’ databases and those using your own ones have a lot of advantages. Build on your needs, choosing a suitable option for you. Intis Telecom’s platform will help you with the rest.