If the most important word for most people is their name, then the most important day for them is their birthday. And whether it’s an occasion for great parties or just for pretending that it’s a day like any other, we do appreciate the attention that people give us on this day. So, why not send your customers text messages with birthday congratulations or with the offer of a special discount as a present? Especially when you can automate this process at your personal Intis Telecom account, so it will take you only 1 minute!

First of all, you need to go to the ‘Subscribers’ section, where your contact lists are stored. Depending on what type of subscribers you are going to text birthday congratulations to, you need to pick a customer list and click on the setting icon to its right.

As soon as you’ve clicked on the setting icon, a window for editing the settings of the chosen subscriber list will appear. So, your second step is to adjust the required parameters.

To turn on the ‘happy birthday’ option you need to tick the box on the right of the phrase ‘Happy birthday’ in the window.

Then you need to decide whether it’s better to send out birthday messages a few days ahead of the date or right on  your customer’s birthday.

In practice, it’s a nice solution to text these messages beforehand if you’re offering the birthday person some exclusive discounts or free services. This is particularly true for businesses related to the spheres of entertainment or health and beauty, because by making these offers you remind customers about your brand when they are right in the process of mulling over how and where to celebrate their birthdays and whether they want to give themselves a treat.

After you’ve set on the right sending time, you need to choose a sender name.

As we’ve already explained in our introductory guide on how to master Intis Telecom account just for 5 minutes, a sender name could be a registered word or a short or long code. If you have an account with our platform, you’ve probably already got a sender name that we have registered for you. So, here you should pick your approved sender name. In our example we have ‘www’.

Next you need to pick the time when your birthday customers will receive your congratulatory messages. You can do this with the ‘delivery time’ setting.

There is also a ‘local time’ option activated by demand. You can turn it off by unticking the option. But note that it’s a very helpful option that allows you rest assured that your customer will not receive the message at an inappropriate time, like early in the morning or at midnight – the delivery time of every message will be automatically set in compliance with the local time of your customer.

Just don’t forget to put the right time zone of your customer’s location in the ‘Settings’ section before you decide to use the ‘local time’ option.

Finally, you need to create a birthday SMS mailout setting and click on the ‘Apply’ button to save your parameters

When composing the messages, bear in mind that you can make your text more personal with tags from the ‘Insert’ option. For example, you can add a #first-name# tag and our platform will replace it with the proper name of your mobile subscriber when the message is sent.

For more information about how personalization tags work read this article on our blog.

Have questions about our texting app features? Don’t be shy – drop us a line filling in this contact form. We are always here for you!