Geo targeting is an increasingly popular marketing tool that allows you to identify a target audience by location. With its help, you can specify specific clients who you’d like to send your advertising to.

Geo targeting can be deployed very effectively in conjunction with SMS mail-outs. How does it work? You could, for example, set up bulk messages for an audience that is within a radius of up to 300 metres (980 feet) from your cafe in the pre-lunch period. This way, you can target your audience more accurately.

We’ve already written about all the advantages and features of geo targeting in our blog. This time, we’d like to talk about the potential pitfalls of using this marketing tool.

Mistake #1

One of the most common mistakes when setting up geo targeting is selecting the wrong geolocation. This could be a city, district, street, etc. It may turn out that in your country there is another location with the same name as yours, or streets that differ in name only slightly.

If you don’t pay close attention to such things, you may accidentally set up a geo targeting campaign for completely the wrong area, and not the place where you need it. The consequences could be fraught with losses of time, money and clients.

By properly setting up geolocation for the right audience, you can optimise paid advertising, reduce costs and increase return on investment.

Mistake #2

Another common mistake when setting up geo targeting is using audience segmentation by geolocation when two or more of your affiliates are in close proximity to each other. If each affiliate sets up their campaign based on geo targeting data, there may be audience overlap. Then the company will end up competing against itself, spending twice as much money as it needs on attracting the same amount of people.

In this case, it’s better to look for other options for segmentation, for example, services. This is possible if each affiliate offers an even slightly different service.You could also set up a geo targeting campaign for one of the affiliates, while employing other marketing tools in the others.

Mistake #3

Ignoring A/B testing for any marketing tool can lead to wasted budgets and time. Geo targeting is no exception.

A/B testing has many benefits. For example, it can help you to compile a more detailed selection of sites for geolocation.

To learn more about why A/B testing is required, you could read our blog.

With a thoughtful and careful approach, geo targeting can be a good assistant for your advertising campaigns. The technology can give a great boost to SMS marketing campaigns.

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