For a small business, the issue of the advertising budget is quite acute. Companies are always trying to find effective ways to save money without losing on quality. Let’s have a look at the question of how and where you can make economies when advertising your brand.

Be on the same wavelength

Emotional communication can increase sales without much investment in advertising.

Emotions inspire trust. All emotions may be effective in advertising, both positive and negative ones, as long as they are sincere. They help to overcome barriers on the path to the buyer, and they create a sense of attraction to the brand. This is a key value in high-quality emotional communication in advertising.

When using emotions, you must remember that not everyone will respond to the emotions that you transmit. If your audience has old-fashioned traditional values, it may be counter-productive to produce an advertising campaign emphasising the spirit of freedom and permissiveness. This may push your established customers away from you.

It follows that this approach requires clear segmentation and won’t work for everyone, but it might work for you. The main thing to remember when considering your target audience is that you shouldn’t be afraid to suggest that your business is not for everyone. The worst thing that can happen is to end up with a business for everyone and for no one at the same time. If you have not identified your market segment clearly enough your advertising efforts won’t be sufficiently engaging to achieve the desired results.

Be yourself

Being a faceless business in these times is equivalent to failure. You may find yourself a handful of regular customers, but you won’t be able to grow and develop. Therefore, any campaigns, statements or videos in which the business isn’t afraid to express itself become noticeable.

Identify features that make your company stand out and show them to your clients. For example, your café may host small family movie screenings every Sunday. Don’t be afraid or shy if an original idea comes to you. Show it to your clients, most likely they will appreciate it and bring new consumers.

Choose SMS

Emotional communication and original ideas require a way of delivering them to consumers. One of the fastest and cheapest ways is SMS mail-outs.

It’s no secret that more than 90% of SMS messages are opened within the first few seconds after delivery. This method of advertising is available to most clients, because almost everyone has a phone these days.

It only remains for the company to choose the right service for sending text messages. This is quite simple to do. We’ve already talked about what criteria you should pay attention to.

The Intis telecom platform offers many options and settings for creating high-quality, attention-grabbing SMS mail-outs. You can create templates, set the sending time and day , segment the audience, and do many other things as well.

Our company takes seriously the quality of the routes we provide, so you can always contact the support service if you have any questions.

No matter what advertising savings you identify and put into practice, the main thing to remember is that everything you put out should strike a cord with your target audience. Your clients need to be on the same wavelength as you.

Advertising and communication should be stable and consistent, which means advertising should correspond to the experience that the client will receive from your company when they use your product. Creating a set of expectations and then failing to live up to them is a road to nowhere.