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Our name says it all. Intis - INstant TelecommunicatIonS.

Whether it’s SMS or other channels, we’ve been perfecting the global, rapid and accurate delivery of the marketing, transactional and informative content your clients value for over a decade.
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We’ve built a powerful, stable, easy to use cloud-based SMS text messaging solution using direct mobile operator connectivity
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Advanced SMS Platform (ASMSP)

Sophisticated text messaging service to help SMS aggregators optimise their business
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Web2SMS Dashboard

Our simple, intuitive dashboard enables you to harness the power of SMS to start engaging with your customers even if you have no coding experience. Create and run fantastic campaigns rapidly using templates, schedules and personalisation tags to make them more effective
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Partner with us

The demand for Business Messaging using SMS is only heading one way – upwards! Our intuitive, easy to use cloud-based SMS texting solution provides a great opportunity for you to cash in on this. You’ll earn up to 10% of the monthly top-up payments any clients you bring to us make!
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Thank you for your interest in our company!

Thank you for your interest in our company!

Intis Telecom Launches a New Domain Zone
Nov 3, 2021
The new Top-Level Domain IT.COM is open for business right now at and you’ll be able to select and protect any domain name in the new zone
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4 Unexpected Ways Short URLs Can Help Grow Your Business For Free
Dec 4, 2020
Short URLs can generate up to 39 per cent more clicks than long ones because social media users are more willing to share them
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We are Global

We have offices in London, New York, Vilnius and Moscow.
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