2018 has come, and with it, the time for new marketing trends that may help you make your SMS mail-outs more effective at promoting your company and boosting your sales.

We have chosen for you several of the most significant and interesting trends of the coming year:

Texts are becoming easier and more interesting

Your texts shouldn’t only contain the necessary information about your services, but also be eye catching. The first aim when writing a message is to  give customers a clear answer to their questions in a consistent and logical form. The next task is to make sure that clients enjoy reading. This is achieved, as a rule, with humor and striking imagery. Of course, it isn’t straightforward to include all of this in a small text message, but if you try, it is possible.

Stay in touch with clients using new channels

This trend (omnichannel) began in 2017, and it will continue its development this year. The more channels a business uses, the better able it is to promote itself and make sales.

Omnichannel is a means of communication between companies and the consumer which integrates all available channels. This means the consumer communicates with brand as a whole, rather than with separate departments.


Now more than ever customers can use social media to publicly draw attention to any mistake or inattention on the part of a company. In 2018 more companies will find that it pays to carefully monitor what is being said on the network. A service such as Google Alert can help you to do this. Therefore, your SMS campaign should be thought through to the smallest detail; the text, offers, discounts and, of course, feedback from clients.

The growth of mobile users

The number of people using smartphones to surf the Internet is growing every year. This should be taken into account when building an SMS campaign. Don’t be afraid to include links to your website and other digital materials in SMS mail-outs. This allows you not to limit yourself to just a short text message.

2018 is the year of more personal and simpler communication with clients. It is not enough just to offer a service or a product; you need to interest customers by finding a common language with them, to show yourself in the best possible way.

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